Monday, June 25, 2012

Please Don't Kthanks

Was he trying to sit on her?
Was he trying to toot on her?
We may never know.

What I do know, for sure; is Pooh seems to be less than amused.  She looks as though she's trying to act like it's not really happening. "If I ignore him, he'll get bored and go away."

For months I had been looking for a punch I had seen online.  I had described it to friends....."It has lots of random holes in it.".....blink.....blink blink.   I couldn't find it anywhere. I was starting to think I had imagined it all. Then while visiting a friend recently, I came across it while rummaging through her punches.  There it was., sitting aloof amongst all the other punches. Come to find out, that wholly punch was called the "Swiss Cheese" punch.....aka "the confetti punch".  Mystery solved. Now I can keep calm and carry on.....well after I get me one of my own, anyways.

And how excited I was to be able to finally put some of my tiny ball fringe to use. And just look at my misting job on my letters.  I started off with Mr Huey Pinstripe, then added a splash of Orchard on top of that; giving me a nice muddled look.  And finally, has there ever been a more perfect journaling tag? I think not. "Come Sit a Spell" indeed!


  1. This is the most funnest layout EVER!!! I love the pompoms and the punch (YOU MUST HAVE IT - no question!)and the woodgrain and the FACES in the picture!!! Too funny!!!

    You knocked it out of the park, Suze! This is awesome!!!

  2. You be rockin' the woodgrain.....again!
    Love it! Especially the teenage angst....ok, make that apathy...caught forever on jpeg (somehow, that doesn't have the same ring to it as film does, sigh....). Either way, awesome picture.

  3. Love the punch and the name of it, too. Nice layout. You're rocking the wood grain lately!

  4. I also love your use of the woodgrain and that punch is awesome! Never saw it before. I love how you took a photo that you didn't know too much about and made a story from it.

  5. Love this pic, can she look anymore disinterested ;)

    Glad you found it! Stuff like that makes me lose my mind.

  6. LOVE your title and exactly how you laid it out.

  7. Can't believe she wasn't screaming! LOL! Love the punch, hope you find your own. Love the buttons and the woodgrain!!!

    (I swear that I had commented on this weeks ago! Sorry.... I wasn't ignoring you, I must have been having computer issues. Sincerest apologies! XOXOXO)