Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Big Bubble Evolution

Mine is not to ask why.
Mine is only to create.

This is what I tell myself when I find i have inadvertently printed off the goofy "junk" pictures the teenager has taken with the webcam.

Do i really need 10+ pictures of Pooh staring into the camera as she blows the world's biggest bubble.  Need this be documented?  No.......BUT - they were already printed off.  AND they are just going to take up space in my printed picture files.  Why not do a swanky-artsy character study of my oldest spawn?  I'm sure she'll look back on it and maybe 15 years from the meantime, I'll pull out this layout everytime she has company......BWAHAHAHAHA!

When I first started on this, I had grand ideas of misting the background, and then painting pink swirlies on top of that.  But it just didn't convey the feeling I was going for.....

Dear Hands,
Please confer with brain before proceeding in such a wonky fashion.  Thanks so much.
Sincerely Yours,

After sleeping on it for the night, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down with a renewed perspective the next morning.  I really liked the misting that I had done using the drywall tape as a mask, and I didn't want to start over.  Nancy Drew to the rescue!

I grabbed my old Nancy Drew book that I use from time to time and ripped out and misted a few sheets. (Why Nancy? You ask?.....well, I'm a little OCD.  And I would seriously loose sleep if I used some other book that may not have kid friendly content.  And since I'm not really up to pre-reading a book that I only want to tear up anyway, Nancy seems safe to me.)  Now it seemed it was all coming together......Add a ginormous paper clip and some Fancy Pants coffee filters as a journaling block (although I still need to do the journaling. I mean, what do I even say about this? haha); and WOOT WOOT, I was finished!


  1. So cute! I love the way you misted the background.

  2. Come on Susan, you don't keep a copy of Fifty Shades around just for this !!! LOL ; )

    I really like how you did this, I have noticed this style A LOT on Prima's blog and Tattered Angels, this is the new hot look and you just nailed it, awesome!

    Oh and by the way behind the bubble is a very obviously beautiful girl you got there

  3. I love this page! Seriously, perfection for the pictures. Misting and washi tape, what more could you want! I really like your picture placement! I'm feeling a lift coming on!

  4. Ah, the teenaged girl and the digital camera...a match made in goofy/artsy heaven.
    Love the pics and your layout is great! You too captured the teen goofy/artsy vibe perfectly!

  5. oh, oh! You used the dry wall tape as a mask - brilliant. I love that stuff! Great job of turning everyday life into art.

  6. Ah, this is such a fun page. You should "accidentally" print off photos like this more often! :)