Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kid Quote of the Week

Lil' Pnut (age 5) was counting the money in her wallet:

Pnut: I only have eleven cents, and that's boring.
Me:  Kid, you have NO idea how bored I


  1. That is so cute.
    I never realized how bored I am...all of the time!

  2. When Miss Thing was that age, the first story she wrote for school was... "My mom is crazy. My mom is weird. My mom is rich."

    "Rich?" asks I. "Yes," says she. "You have a WHOLE jar of pennies!"

    You may notice that no one disputed the first two statements.

  3. Geez, seems like there are a lot of us bored people. Wonder if the kids are to blame for our money boredom. Hmmmm....