Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This layout brings to mind all sorts of great memories for me.  It was the first MemoryMakers retreat, the first time I had met all my imaginary friends in real life, and a funny moment. 

After doing some scrappy shopping at an LSS, we popped in to Sonic for some refreshments.  Lisa sat her Route 44 on the table, and in fell over.....right into her flipflop....and all caught on film.  And if I recall correctly, the server was standing right there, and didn't even bother to ask her if she would like a replacement.  How's that for service?  lol

And while we're at it, there is another "oopsie" on this layout.  I must have been half asleep when I put it together, because I put two journaling cards on it, and only journaled on one of them. OOOPS!

Don'cha just luuuurve that yellow ruffle?  It's one of my favorite trims of all times.  It's like a tutu of sunshine!

I'm not even going to try to remember what products I used on this, as I put it together back in May.  If you have any questions about who made what, just ask, and I'll jog my memory.

Thanks for looking!  Later m'Peeps!


  1. Loving all the paper! That ruffle is fab...as is that flower.

  2. Fabulous, girl! I like the blank journaling square!

  3. I love the quilled looking flower. You always have the greatest trims!

  4. Oh my! I remember that spill and trying to get her some napkins to dry off.

    Great layout with even better layering. Interesting picture placement, too. I like the way you positioned the pics. Very nice work to remember a very nice retreat.

  5. All you need is the date on the journaling spot. :) Love the colors and design!

  6. Terrific! Isn't it great scrapping memories that so many of us share? That you actually caught the drink spilling is amazing. You got photog skilz girl!